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    Cancer Care at Doctor's Hub, Dwarka, Delhi

    A cancer diagnosis has the power to turn a patient’s world upside down. It is the second leading cause of death around the globe and can take away a lot from the patient and their families emotionally, physically, and financially. Doctors Hub understands that which is why it provides its patients with cancer care where patients meet survivors and healthcare professionals to find support in the hard times. 

    Treatment We offer

    Radiation Therapy

    A type of treatment using high doses of radiation to kill the cancer cells

    Photodynamic Therapy

    Using a drug activated by light to kill cancer cells along with other abnormal cells

    Hormone Therapy

    Treatment slowing or stopping the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells which use hormones to grow


    Using heated body tissues to damage and kill cancer cells with little to no harm to normal tissues


    The most common treatment using drugs to kill cancer cells


    Treatment helping the immune system to fight cancer


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    What is informed consent in Cancer care?

    Informed consent is an important aspect of cancer care which helps the patients to understand their cancer care process. The team of doctors asks the patient for permission to move forward with their treatment after informing them of the whole before, during, and after the process of the treatment. This is the state where the patient gets a chance to know why and how the treatment chosen is going to be performed, how it is going to help them and what possible risks and side effects the particular treatment poses. Before this permission is given patients can ask and clarify all their doubts with the oncologist to remain informed of their current and future body and health.

    Concerns of Cancer Care

    About 10 million people have been recorded to die from Cancer every year out of which 40% of deaths are preventable. They can be avoided by changing some of the risk factors of your life such as modifying your daily routine of physical inactivity, quitting smoking, drinking, changing poor diet and lifestyle, and such. It is the responsibility of Cancer Care and the patient to get a proper and early screening for the virus for detection and treatment.

    Middle and low-earning countries are the most affected by this disease as it has been noticed that 70% of deaths occur in these areas.

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    What are common symptoms of Cancer?

    Doctors Hub is aware that millions of lives can be saved through proper treatments and early detection which is why the Cancer Care cell works hard and tirelessly for its patients. Some signs and symptoms to identify cancer and get your concerns checked out are as follows:

    • Lumps or swelling unusual in areas that are painless and increasing in size
    • Difficulty in swallowing, breathing leading to coughing
    • Fatigue
    • Unexpected bleeding through the vagina, anal passage, urine
    • Changes in bowel movement
    • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
    • Complications in urinating might be the inability to go when needed 
    • Experiencing pain when urinating
    • A new mole or changes to the size of the old mole
    • Frequent urination
    • Unexplainable pain which might be recurrent
    • Non Healing Ulcer
    • Problems in digestion or heartburn
    • Heavy night sweats

    Surgeries We Offer for Cancer Treatment in Delhi


    Restorative Surgery


    Laser Surgery

    Stem Cell Transplant

    Microscopically Controlled Surgery

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