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    Clinical Psychology Specialist in Dwarka

    Clinical psychology is concerned with treating the mind and assessing mental illness, abnormal behaviour, and psychiatric problems. It can be termed as the study of individuals through observation or experiments with the intent of promoting change. It has helped people through the ages with various treatments like the psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, and humanistic approaches. Psychologists at Doctors Hub focus on the individual, couples, families, and groups to improve the emotional well-being inside and around you for faster healing. 

    Treatment We offer

    Psychological Assessment

    Collect information for developing a comprehensive overall understanding by knowing your past traumas, present problems, and future goals


    Helps a person to relax by aiming to help the person recognize and change the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours which produce trouble for them

    Dialectic Behavior Therapy

    Talking therapy based on CBT for people who feel intense emotions. It aims to help people understand and accept their difficult feelings

    Marital or Couple Therapy

    To solve problems arising in relationships by identifying the core. We intend to better interpersonal relationships to help each other understand the differences arising in the relationship to reconnect


    Counselling helps people cope with their stress through professional advice in any and every aspect of their personal or professional life

    Cognitive and Behavioural techniques

    CBT helps in changing negative thoughts and maladaptive behavioural patterns which contribute to psychological distress


    psychologist in dwarka

    Why go to a Clinical Psychologist

    A clinical psychologist is rigorously trained in providing continuous and comprehensive mental and behavioural health care to individuals, couples, family groups, trauma survivors, and more. They are also eligible to consult agencies and communities to make responsible decisions. A psychologist has an integrative set of skills and knowledge from a broad array of disciplines to better their understanding of psychopathology and mental health across the lifespan. This leads them to have a better understanding of assessing cognitive, behavioural, emotional and interpersonal functioning to improve their way of intervention and research. Their work betters the functioning of an individual and society as a whole by improving their and others’ ability to recognise and respond to ethical, legal, and regulatory issues as evident in their lives.

    Concerns of Clinical Psychologist

    A clinical psychologist understands all the issues as faced by an individual across their lifespan. They understand that after a traumatic incident, a person is going to have adjustment issues and traumatic stress reactions which is normal. They see and acknowledge a person’s emotional and psychological problem which includes serious crisis intervention arising out of interpersonal problems or social dysfunction. The patient’s behavioural problem arising out of it can lead to substance abuse or intellectual, cognitive, or neurological conditions and a clinical psychologist is best equipped to deal with it all. 

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