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    nephrologist in delhi

    Nephrology treatment in Delhi at Doctors' Hub

    A nephrologist who specialises in Pathri, or kidney stones or renal problems, is a specialist in treating and diagnosing problems linked to kidney stones. Kidney stone is a critical condition. It is mandatory to treat it before it gets fatal. However, the stones vary from person to person. At times, the stone can be dissolved naturally, sometimes they need surgery.
    Our Nephrologists may prescribe medicines or dietary modifications to speed up the natural breakdown of some kidney stones, depending on the size, makeup, and location of the stones. However, not all stones can be dissolved; some might need to be removed or require special treatment. 

    Expert nephrologists at Doctors Hub detect and remove or break kidney stones. Urologists and nephrologists may work together and use a variety of methods

    At Doctor’s Hub, we want to provide cutting-edge, boundary-pushing nephrology care at our clinic. Our goal is to provide each patient with unique, comprehensive kidney health solutions that combine state-of-the-art care with sympathetic assistance. Our mission is to empower patients by promoting health and vigour at every stage of their path towards health.  We promise complete transparency and assist you in avoiding needless, involved surgeries. With our skilled nephrologists, we offer the best care possible.

    nephrology treatment in delhi

    Treatment We offer

    CT, X-ray, or ultrasound

    Urine analysis

    Blood testing

    Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

    Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy


    Signs and Symptoms of kidney stones

    Kidney stones that are quite tiny may pass painlessly and without causing many symptoms. The majority of naturally passing stones do so in 31–45 days. Within this time frame, if a stone hasn’t disappeared, it’s critical to seek medical attention. You might be advised by a doctor to drink lots of water to aid with this process. To catch the stone, they could also ask you to strain your pee.

    If you have a history of kidney stones or experience any of the following symptoms get them checked out urgently:

    • Severe groin, lower abdominal, side, or back pain
    • Wave-like pain that comes and goes
    • As the stone passes through the urinary tract, there may be pain that shifts or gets worse
    • Blood in the urine is also called hematuria
    • A constant urge to urinate
    • Discomfort when urinating
    • Murky or offensive-smelling pee
    • Chills and fever in the event of an illness
    • Vomiting and nausea
    • Shivering and sweating if the pee becomes contaminated
    • Recurring UTIs
    • Furthermore, a nephrologist (Pathri) can offer specialised evaluation and care if you have underlying diseases that raise the risk of kidney stone formation.

    Possible Complications Nephrologist deals with

    Physicians who specialize in kidney disorders and treat ailments that impair the kidneys’ ability to function normally are known as nephrologists. Nephrologists treat various kidney disease consequences, such as:

    • Failure of the kidneys- Nephrologists are qualified to treat issues resulting from abnormal kidney function.
    • Persistent Kidney Illness- Nephrologists provide follow-up care and treat severe chronic kidney diseases.
    • Kidney stones- Nephrologists can treat kidney stones that are tiny enough to pass through the urinary tract and can also recommend drugs to help avoid kidney stones.
    • Kidney polycystic disease- Kidney failure may result from the growth of kidney cysts brought on by this hereditary condition. Nephrologists can keep an eye on the cysts and offer possible treatments.
    • Syndrome Nephrotic- The body excretes too much protein in the urine as a result of this kidney disease.
    • Severely damaged kidneys- Nephrologists often have to treat acute damage to the kidneys.
    • High blood pressure- Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a hazardous medical condition that is treated by nephrologists.

    Kidney Treatment Surgeries and services we offer

    Kidney Biopsy

    Placement and Management of Hemodialysis Access

    Implantation of Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters

    Kidney Transplants

    Kidney Dialysis

    Interventional Procedures for Complications of Kidney Disease

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